How to remove a Lexus IS200 car stereo - (1999 to 2005)

Items you might need before you start work -


Original stereo image

How to do it step by step

Just below the top section (the sat nav in this case for this picture) there will be a small plastic cover. Gently clip it off to reveal two screws. Undo these screws.

Now lift the top section to one side, you don't really need to remove any cabling as there should be plenty of give.

Now remove the two 8mm bolts at the top which you should now be able to see.

Pull out the bottom control unit (which is on clips as well) and you should now see two more 8mm bolts. Undo these too.
The center console including radio will now pull out.
Disconnect the wiring loom and aerial to release the stereo.